Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
Aquarius Background

Woman Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman is very inconsistent and confused. She is not very emotional and likes to stay away from attachments. She will not hesitate to commit and remain faithful; however it will not happen at the cost of her freedom. If she is given her freedom, she will fulfill all her duties and responsibilities.

She is not like other typical females and has different dreams and aspiration from other females. She does not stick to one place for long and keeps on hopping from one place to another. She values position and power in her life and is capable of achieving it. She is truthful and honest and expects the same from other people as well.

Even though she is not passionate, she is dedicated and intelligent and knows how to get her work done. She can be a very pleasant host and a great company to hang around with. She easily places her trust on other people, which might put her in trouble at times because people tend to take advantage of her humility.

But most of the time she will carefully scrutinize a person's behavior before trusting them. It is not easy for her to forgive and forget, once hurt she will nurse her wound for a long time. She is not very good in remembering people and incidences and tends to forget if it is out of sight for quite some time.

In relationships she is very truthful and honest and will never cheat or betray her partner. She is independent, unconventional who likes to live life on her own terms and conditions.


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