Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
Aquarius Background

Moon in your Horoscope

Moon in Aquarius - Personality Traits & its Meaning

The Moon signifies a place of refuge from the responsibilities of life in the world. An Aquarius Moon tends to take refuge in thoughts or a philosophy of an ideal world constructed in accordance with a plan. According to your particular preferences the plan might be in accord with socialism, pacifism, feminism or some other 'ism' (even capitalism), but whatever it is it will be considered by most people to be different from the norm. It can be quite distressing to find that others don't consider your ideals as obviously correct as you do, and that they even enjoy living in an unreconstructed world. Enjoyment of life may pass you by as your belief gets in the way of what your sensual self knows is fun.

Having an Aquarius Moon your ideals extend to home and family life where intimacy and emotional closeness smack of possessiveness to you, so you come across as cool and detached to those you love. Your emotions can be engaged, indeed can be easily aroused, but sustained depth of emotion is difficult for you and you prefer to think your way out of swampy feelings. This may be because you experience feelings with intensity rather than with depth, and you find it easier to relieve the intensity by escaping to your mind rather than by entering into them more fully. It is good to witness your feelings rather than identify with them, but you do have to experience them in order to witness them, and that you are inclined to avoid doing to the depth required. Jealousy is one emotion that has no place in your idea of relationship. You expect to be free to associate with anyone you wish, and may even espouse open marriage. You attempt to push down any murky feelings that are aroused when your partner exercises such freedom, girding yourself in your ideal like a coat of armor.

Friendship may be more amenable to an Aquarius Moon than romantic love, especially friendship based on a shared ideal. You are honest and fair with your friends and expect the same from them. You find it harder to support them when they are in need of empathy, especially if you believe that the source of their distress is a situation which their ideals should have prevented them getting into in the first place. Your idea of empathy may be to try and straighten them out and re-establish in them the principles on which you think life should be based.

If you are a mother with Moon in Aquarius you may be impatient with the natural dependency your children show and long for them grow up, when you can see yourself as their friend rather than as their mother. Leaving your children in a good quality playgroup while you pursue a career or other interests may be a good solution to the frustration you feel at the limitations of having them around you for a long period. Then you will enjoy more the shorter time you do have with them, and so will they, so everyone benefits.


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