Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
Aquarius Background

In Love

Aquarius In love

Even though they are shy of commitments and losing their freedom, an Aquarius always prefers a long term relationship than short flings. They are some of the most romantic, loyal, honest and faithful partners one can have.

It is not difficult for them to attract members of the opposite sex due to their charming and friendly attitude. You will hardly find anyone who dislikes an Aquarius. They are very lucky when it comes to love. They get some of the best partners.

They believe in true love and do not like playing with people's feelings and emotions. They are quite unpredictable in love and love to pamper their partners with pleasant surprises and gifts. They will always be searching for a true partner with whom they can share pure love. Love is not a game or time pass for them, so they will not commit if they are not serious about anyone.

Since they are inconsistent they might find it challenging to stick with one partner, but once they decide to commit, they will stick to it. That's the reason why they do not easily get into relationships and do so only after much thought and deliberation.

Getting into relationships mean giving up a part of their freedom which they value so much, thus they need to think a lot before they decide to get into one.


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