Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
Aquarius Background


Aquarius In Health

Aquarius astrology sign rules the circulatory system, respiratory system, eyesight, bones of lower limbs, blood and its circulation. Hence they need to careful with these parts of their body as they will have health problems related to them. Some of their common diseases are related to their heart, veins, bones, blood etc. Hypertension, cramps, pains, accidents, nervous disorders, etc are quite common in them.

They also face frequent health problems in their lover knees and legs. Diarrhea, dropsy and goiter are also common among Aquarius. It is best for Aquarius to avoid alcohol as it tends to give them lots of problems. They can maintain good health by keeping their routine simple, avoiding too much physical and mental strain, a healthy diet and proper sleep. They also rule the eyes; hence they might have poor eyesight.

They are also prone to infections, skin problems, tooth aches and tonsils. It is best for them to protect themselves from heat and cold as it tends to affect their health in bad ways.


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