Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Thursday: August 06, 2020

If you keep your head down today, how are you going to see the opportunities that are parading right by you? Whether you're looking for a new romance, new investment opportunity, or new job, it's out there right now. You have to get out of your own head long enough to see it! If you meet someone new today, it could be the person who changes your life. Of course, they might just be a nice person, but either way, you should engage with them in a genuine way.

Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: August 07, 2020

Someone who rubs you the wrong way will be true to form today, spouting off about things they know nothing about. This person isn't someone you should tolerate, so either get your distance from them or tell them to be quiet. It all depends on the mood you're in at the time. If you're feeling combative, don't fight it—fight them! But if you want to avoid any conflict, just keep your head down and pretend that the person doesn't even exist.

Aquarius Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: August 05, 2020

It's time to take another look at your calendar. Does it have too many holes in it? You can't always wait for others to initiate something. Sure, it's nice to always be at the top of everyone's invite list, but that isn't always possible or feasible. If you want people to think of you the next time they're organizing a gathering, you need to invite them to ones that you put together. Even if they have to be online or outside, be more proactive about creating your own fun.


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