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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Wednesday: December 19, 2018

Money can't buy happiness, but you do need to hold on to as much of yours as possible! So watch your wallet closely—if it gets too flat, you will feel the effects. Ask friends to help you refrain from overspending, and put some more effort into finding coupon codes or special sales. With a bit of effort, you can enjoy some luxury in your life and save money at the same time.

Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: December 20, 2018

Escape any boredom by making a conscious effort. If you take the initiative to peel back some of your life's layers, you'll discover a world of opportunity, intrigue and adventure just beneath the surface. Make the choice to engage more intensely with the people around you, and put more effort into each conversation you have. If you try a little bit harder to connect, you will be rewarded with invitations and new ideas.

Aquarius Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: December 18, 2018

Popularity is incredibly overrated, so don't base any decisions solely on achieving it! Pleasing the masses is no great feat—after all, appealing to the lowest common denominator just means that you're expecting the least out of other people, and that's not your philosophy. Instead, stick to your beliefs and desires, no matter how off the wall you might think they are. You will be better off in a small group of like-minded folks than in a huge crowd of sheep.


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