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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Thursday: October 28, 2021

The universe is intent on waking you up to new elements of your partnership story, Aquarius. Are you listening? The third quarter moon in romance-hungry Leo emerges today, illuminating changes to be made between career demands and partnership needs. Fortunately, this should be easy to remedy, as lovely Venus reaches out to expansive Jupiter. This beneficial pairing offers uplifted moods and a romantic atmosphere to embrace.

Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: October 29, 2021

Friday’s cosmic landscape shines its revealing spotlight on to you, Aquarius. You’ve been under a variety of tests, particularly those concerning your sense of independence and personal self-expression. Today’s skies see the illuminating sun locked into a hard square with structure-seeking Saturn, highlighting and changes needing to be made between your current career trajectory and your independent needs.

Aquarius Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: October 27, 2021

Wednesday’s skies find you busier than ever, Aquarius. There are things to do, people to see, and agendas to complete. The motivated Cancer moon makes it easy to stay on task and tackle whatever needs to be taken care of. Be mindful of Luna’s opposition with emotionally raw Pluto, as this potent pairing draws up ancient feelings from the deep. Give them an outlet by channeling them into creation.


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