Dates: 20 January ~ 18 February
Aquarius Background

Career & Work

Aquarius in Career & Work

Aquarians are free spirited individuals who do not like to be bound by rules and regulations. They want to let their imagination run wild. Hence they do not like typical 9 to 5 jobs. They are people who will always be looking out for adventure and hates monotony, so they will do well in careers that involves a lot of challenges, change and experiment.

They are also very philanthropic and have a soft corner for social issues and want to work for the betterment of humankind. The love to work for the community and their fellow men and do good to them through their work. They are also very creative and intelligent and can do very well in performing arts and other careers that require creativity.

They have unusual talents and capabilities which help them do well in their careers. Some of the most suitable career options for the are inventors, anchors, television hosts, social workers, nurses, career in radio, television and communication industry, airlines, service industry, scientists, photographers, singers, dancers, painters, musicians, designers, writers, electricians, etc.

Since they do not like to be bound by their work, they can work best as freelancers. They can work well in jobs which they start on their own, where they don't have to stay under anybody's control. As employees they are very dedicated and hardworking.

They can be easily trusted in their job and will never hesitate from completing their duties and responsibilities. They are some of the best colleagues to work with as they are very friendly, generous, ego-less and understanding. They are not much attached to their job; nevertheless they will never neglect it either.

When it comes to being members of societies or clubs, they take part very actively and are some of the most active members who take part in all the activities.


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